Vegan Trove Podcast Episode 1: Introduction

Welcome to  my first podcast. In episode 1. You can find my Vegan Trove Podcast on iTunes.

I meander through a number of topics related to abolitionist veganism.  I talk a little about my Facebook page stalling in relation to Facebook algorithms, and in response to that I started a Vegan Trove site to host my podcasts and my other vegan education resources.

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I’m an abolitionist vegan. You may ask what is the difference between a vegan and an abolitionist vegan? I talk a little about that. Here’s a brief description: Abolitionist veganism is an ethical position that rejects the property status of animals. It rejects the notion that it is morally justifiable to use animals as long as they are used “humanely”.  Vegans reject using animals for food, clothing, entertainment or other reasons to the best of our ability.

I talk also briefly about why abolitionist veganism rejects single issue campaigns, and I touch on the problems of large animal charities promoting the misleading idea that being vegan is “extreme”, “purist” or “hard”.

I talk a little about the myth of the “ex-vegan”.  I argue that they were never vegan to begin with.

I speak briefly about the ecological disaster that is animal agriculture and according to a growing amount of evidence, it greatly contributes to climate change. I mention how our animal product consumption is greatly contributing to the sixth mass extinction which is taking place now and how animal agriculture is responsible for millions upon millions of deaths of “wildlife” each year.  And I touch on a few miscellaneous issues.

This first podcast is little rough and a tad long but I think you might find it interesting.  My next episode will be in the next 2 or 3 weeks if time permits (I’m very busy till the new year), and will probably be more structured.

If you’re wondering what the chiming is in the background, I live in Tasmania on a beautiful bay.  They are large wind chimes and it’s a windy day 🙂

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Thanks for listening. I look forward to having the pleasure of your company next time.  🙂 Please note these podcasts will be available on iTunes shortly. I will post a link when they are ready.


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