VegFest UK London 2015: Abolitionist Vegan Debate Presentations

vegfest 2015 london debate
Abolitionist vegan debate presentations on the problems with single-issue campaigns and how they are holding the “movement” back which was held at VegFest UK London 2015. Enjoy 🙂

Here’s the first part of this podcast

Here is some information to my mention of a “Dorothy Dixer” question.

Vegetarianism as a “gateway” to veganism?

Here’s the full debate on Youtube from London Veg Fest 2015 about single-issue campaigns and whether they take the animal rights movement forwards or backwards. There’s a very strong abolitionist vegan presentation.

Here’s the other debate from London Veg Fest 2015 on whether Ricky Gervais and Beyonce (and other celebrities) are confusing the “Animal Rights” movement.  A very strong abolitionist vegan presentation by Frances McCormack, Alan O’Reilly, and Kate Fitzgibbons.

Here is a link to numerous abolitionist books.

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