Abolitionist: What’s in a Word; The Rebranding of TAVS.

TAVS rebranding

I generally try to ignore and avoid faction fighting because it’s energy draining and time consuming and is frequently personality based, but I decided to address some of the issues that have arisen from recent claims by a small few that the abolitionist movement is “rampantly racist”, “sexist” and “hostile to people of colour”. If you are not involved in the abolitionist community you may wish to skip this one.

I discuss the history of the term “abolitionist” and why it is not racist to use it in relation to veganism and why it is not appropriating the term if we look at history. I talk a little about overt and structural racism, credentialism and tokenism.  I ask the question, has the movement become more about the messenger than the message?

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Thanks to Vegan Ethos for her contributions relating to the history of abolition in particular.

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