An Emotional Response

boiling potRecently, I was asked what emotional impact the behaviour that happens on online abolitionist pages has on me. I’ve spoken in an earlier podcast episode 25 about the facts of an online attack in mid-October 2015, and don’t feel the need to revisit that. In that episode, I made an effort to keep it factual and non-emotional. But the request made recently led me to consider how I feel,  not specifically about that attack, but about some of the bad behaviour I see daily within the “community”. I ask some questions. This podcast episode is the result. It’s not a detailed setting out of facts, like the previous one. It is, instead, my emotional response to the whole issue of aggression online. I chose to do it as stream of consciousness, rather than a more structured talk.

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Some Unseen Consequences of Not Being Vegan (Pt 1)

An account of a conversation I had recently with someone who was not vegan. And also a discussion about just a few of the unseen consequences of our society not being vegan. A bit of a ramble 😉 extinction

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Star Trek and the Issue of Sentience

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Star Trek is a vehicle for science fiction themes, and like many science fiction stories, it sometimes uses the future to focus on issues that touch us today. I look at the issue of sentience, as seen in respect of the character, The Doctor on the series Star Trek: Voyager. After a brief look at the way this pop-cultural icon addresses the issue, I launch into other considerations of sentience, highlighting moral inconsistencies and moral compartmentalisation and the way this relates to non-human animals.

Music intro from TV series Star Trek Voyager.

One correction: I used the term at one point “non-white” when I meant to say “people of colour”.

Here’s some excerpts of the series episode titled “Author Author”

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Sentience: The Morally Relevant Characteristic Justifying Basic Rights



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