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I’ve commenced a YT Vlog channel and here is the Facebook page Faint Signals from Vega for when I feel motivated to share my opinions and thoughts about current events and veganism. It will be separate content to Vegan Trove podcast. I will be posting these vlogs for the meanwhile on Vegan Trove Facebook page.

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Be Fair Be Vegan Campaign Comes to Hobart, Tasmania (AU)


From the Be Fair Be Vegan social media site:

“Be Fair Be Vegan is live in Hobart, Tasmania. 🙂 our launch in Times Square (NYC) , we have received multiple requests from groups wanting to bring the billboards to various locations around the world. This outpouring of solidarity continues to confirm our original belief that Be Fair Be Vegan has the potential to become a global campaign, bringing with it an uncompromising vegan message, and awakening minds and hearts not only to the plight of animals who suffer at human hands, but also to who these animals really are: not inanimate objects or natural resources, but individuals with faces, feelings and families.We were extremely fortunate to be supported by a generous donation that made Times Square possible, and the same sponsor has offered an ongoing matching funds pledge going forward, meaning that we will need to raise 50% of all future expenses ourselves, in order to be granted the remaining 50%.As we are a tiny organization with no staff to raise funds, this will only be possible with the help and hard work of the groups and individuals who want to host Be Fair Be Vegan in their own cities and towns. Thankfully, we have already received several offers from groups who are willing to do just that. In order to maintain the integrity of our message, we have devised a set of guidelines for groups wishing to aid in broadening the campaign’s reach. These can be viewed on our website, where anyone wishing to be a part of expanding Be Fair Be Vegan can now read our requirements and contact us to propose a new phase of the campaign.

We are currently in the process of working with several groups who have agreed to our terms and are willing to try and raise the funds required to bring Be Fair Be Vegan to life in different locations. The first to reach their fundraising goal is located in Tasmania, and we are thrilled to announce that they have secured three billboards in downtown Hobart for four weeks, starting on February 20th!It is hopeful and reassuring for us to be able to share with our friends that you too, can work with us to bring Be Fair Be Vegan to your (or another) location. Many thanks to the hard-working volunteers at Animals Tasmania for persevering in their efforts, and for agreeing to our requirement that Be Fair Be Vegan not be used to promote any individual or organization, but to share with the world the message that veganism is the only way forward to a fair, just world for *all* animals.”

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Conversations with South Florida Vegan Education Group (13.2.17)

Another enjoyable, interesting, organic conversation with Elena Brodskaya and Keith Berger from South Florida Vegan Education Group about all kinds of issues relating to veganism.

Enjoy. 🙂


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