Tasmania’s Dark Mofo: Is Killing Animals Art or Business as Usual?

I discuss an event in Tasmania which happens each year : Dark Mofo. This June during this festival, a young bull is slated to be killed (not in front of the public) prior and his body cut up and used in an installation.

There’s been a huge outcry from the public. I discuss the moral compartmentalisation that occurs every time an instance like this happens in society whether it be Harambe the gorilla, Maurius the giraffe, Cecil the lion and so forth. Most who are outraged by these individuals being killed, are not vegan.

Like most of us before we became vegan, we do not understand that every sentient being loves life just like this bull loves life and does not want to die. Every animal we eat, wear and use as a resource is just like this young bull and will go through the same horror and torture before they are killed and when they are killed. And all of it is for trivial reasons of mostly palate pleasure.

We don’t need animal products to survive, in fact we can *easily* meet all of our nutrition requirements from plants (and other non-animal sources). Since that is the case, the only reason we can give for why we continue participating in this tremendous violence is because they “taste good”. That’s morally unjustifiable.

It’s easy to be vegan.

All we have to do is make that decision to end our participation in this tremendous violence and injustice, and the rest is easy. It just requires a little research. Go no further. Here’s my vegan resource to assist you HowToGoVegan.org

If you are vegan, and you want to politely register your opposition to killing this sentient being for this installation, consider writing to Lord Mayor Sue Hickey –
email: lord.mayor ( at) hobartcity (dot) com (dot) au
or contact Dark Mofo here. Consider asking the Lord Mayor to consider going vegan and ask those at Dark Mofo to consider going vegan 🙂 and to urge the organisers to accept the invitation of Brightside Farm Sanctuary to rescue this young bull and care for him.

Here’s the vlog I did on Faint Signals from Vega on Youtube.

Thanks for listening. 🙂

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