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Some Unseen Consequences of Not Being Vegan (Pt 1)

An account of a conversation I had recently with someone who was not vegan. And also a discussion about just a few of the unseen consequences of our society not being vegan. A bit of a ramble 😉 extinction

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Taking The Interests Of Animals Seriously

AAPA reading of an excerpt of “Animals As Persons : Essays on the Abolition of Animal Exploitation

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Promoting Violence In Soft Tones With A Smile On His Face (Part 2)

Doesn't belong in a nonviolent movement10

In part 2, I discuss the promotion of violence within certain animal advocacy circles and how the small few who promote violence often contradict themselves and are deeply misanthropic.

Please check out Ep 14 Part 1, where I share an essay titled “On Militant Direct Action.

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Links to information contained:

On Militant Direct Action

A Comment on Violence

More on Violence and Animal Rights

A Commentary on Violence 

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“Meat Free Week Australia” Helps The Animals?

Meat Free WeekIn episode 13, I take a brief look at yet another new gimmick “Meat-Free Week Australia” (just one in an increasingly long line) and the problems associated. I share an excerpt by Prof. Gary Steiner about anthropocentrism and a couple of works about the “humane” myth.

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For more info:

Recommended books

Gary Steiner on Anthropocentrism

The Myth” of Humane Animal Use

The Meaning of “Humane

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