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Be Fair Be Vegan Campaign Comes to Hobart, Tasmania (AU)


From the Be Fair Be Vegan social media site:

“Be Fair Be Vegan is live in Hobart, Tasmania. 🙂 our launch in Times Square (NYC) , we have received multiple requests from groups wanting to bring the billboards to various locations around the world. This outpouring of solidarity continues to confirm our original belief that Be Fair Be Vegan has the potential to become a global campaign, bringing with it an uncompromising vegan message, and awakening minds and hearts not only to the plight of animals who suffer at human hands, but also to who these animals really are: not inanimate objects or natural resources, but individuals with faces, feelings and families.We were extremely fortunate to be supported by a generous donation that made Times Square possible, and the same sponsor has offered an ongoing matching funds pledge going forward, meaning that we will need to raise 50% of all future expenses ourselves, in order to be granted the remaining 50%.As we are a tiny organization with no staff to raise funds, this will only be possible with the help and hard work of the groups and individuals who want to host Be Fair Be Vegan in their own cities and towns. Thankfully, we have already received several offers from groups who are willing to do just that. In order to maintain the integrity of our message, we have devised a set of guidelines for groups wishing to aid in broadening the campaign’s reach. These can be viewed on our website, where anyone wishing to be a part of expanding Be Fair Be Vegan can now read our requirements and contact us to propose a new phase of the campaign.

We are currently in the process of working with several groups who have agreed to our terms and are willing to try and raise the funds required to bring Be Fair Be Vegan to life in different locations. The first to reach their fundraising goal is located in Tasmania, and we are thrilled to announce that they have secured three billboards in downtown Hobart for four weeks, starting on February 20th!It is hopeful and reassuring for us to be able to share with our friends that you too, can work with us to bring Be Fair Be Vegan to your (or another) location. Many thanks to the hard-working volunteers at Animals Tasmania for persevering in their efforts, and for agreeing to our requirement that Be Fair Be Vegan not be used to promote any individual or organization, but to share with the world the message that veganism is the only way forward to a fair, just world for *all* animals.”

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Update on the Historic Be Fair Be Vegan Moving Billboard Campaign in Times Square and Javits Center New York City

Just a little update on the historic #BeFairBeVegan moving billboard campaign in Times Square and Javits Center New York City.
Just a few of the many contributions by the public. See below. For more, visit or our Facebook page or Twitter.
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Largest Ever High-Profile Abolitionist Vegan Moving Billboard Campaign, Times Square & Javits, Kicks Off NYC Aug 8, 2016

BeFairBeVegan poster

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share with you a media advisory about a high-profile moving billboard and poster campaign. It will be the largest abolitionist vegan campaign of its kind in the United States and it starts Monday (tomorrow) August 8th and runs till September 4th and it will be shown in in New York City, NY in Times Square, Javits Center, around the NYC city.

BeFairBeVegan (based in Colorado) is a non-profit organization on the cutting edge of social justice for animals.

So look out for this campaign. I’ve seen previews of the billboard, and I think it’s great, and the website is great as well. It has been created by Joanna Lucas who as some of you may know is an excellent writer and has done many blog posts about residents of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. So Joanna has been working very hard on creating the artwork for these excellent moving billboards which will be displayed around NYC and she’s created the website that goes with it. There will be a Facebook page and Twitter account that will accompany this campaign, so feel free to join it when it the campaign goes live at Monday 8th (that’s tomorrow) August at 5am Denver Colorado time, or 7am NYC time or 9pm if you live in Sydney on the east cost of Australia. So if you are in Times Square NYC tomorrow or Javits Centre, look up and see if you can take some photos and if you manage to, please feel free to send them to

info  (at ) VeganTrove (dot) com

and I’ll share them on the social media page (Be Fair Be Vegan on Facebook) associated with the campaign. I’ll post the link to the Facebook page in the information section of this podcast episode. 04-family

Here’s part of the media advisory composed by Angel Flinn from Gentle World. Angel Flinn and myself will be admins on the social media page just in case anyone has any questions about the campaign or questions about veganism.

“Be Fair Be Vegan is a campaign featuring moving billboards as well as static street posters, aimed at introducing viewers to the faces and feelings of the animals we use for food, clothing, research and entertainment.

For four weeks, these provocative slideshows will be displayed in two of the most high profile billboard locations in the country (Times Square and the Javits Center), accompanied by a series of street posters inviting passers-by to consider the circumstances of the victims of the animal industry while seeing them for who they are: sentient beings who value their lives.

BeFairBeVegan poster2

The movement for the emancipation of nonhuman animals is now the biggest social justice movement since the abolition of slavery. Not only is the animal industry holding hostage the natural world and its inhabitants as well as sabotaging the health of our society, its practices are a violation of the most basic rights of the individuals it enslaves.

These billions upon billions of sentient beings are considered, by today’s ‘civilized’ society, to be nothing more than chattel property, and their owners are legally entitled to subject them to many forms of barbaric cruelty in the name of profit, convenience or pleasure.

As consumers, we have the power to take back control, and demand an end to the use of animals as commodities and resources. When we advocate for the widespread adoption of vegan values, we speak for the entire population of humanity’s victims – from wild animals who are hunted and exterminated to make way for the ravages of human excess, to domesticated animals who are bred and confined (whether in crates or pastures), and ultimately killed so that people can make use of the products of their misery.


The pandemic of violence in the world calls to us to re-evaluate our relationship with non-human animals – who are victims of the most extreme forms of our collective violence – and to recognize that they are no more meant to be our possessions than are people with different colored skin, women, children, or any other living beings. They too, are individuals, who value their lives, feel pain, fear death, and have a right to live free from oppression.

Angel Flinn, Media Coordinator

outreach (at) BeFairBeVegan (dot) com

So if you know anyone who might like to interview Joanna Lucas or Angel Flinn about this campaign, please get in touch with them at the contact details provided in this media release. I will put it details in the information section of this episode.4656078-new-york-brooklyn-bridge-at-nightLet’s have good thoughts, that anyone who sees any of these prominent moving billboards and associated material with think about what they are participating in and seriously consider going vegan. Every billboard has a strong vegan message, and there is an associated vegan resource website where they can go to find out more about how to be vegan and more about veganism. So let’s support this Be Fair Be Vegan moving billboard campaign as much as possible and try and spread the word to media outlets, to bloggers and so forth, so that they might consider doing a piece on it. That’s how we can help spread the message far and wide. I’m certain there’s going to be some amazed people standing in Times Square and Javits Center tomorrow and for the next few weeks, who have never had the opportunity, which is a really precious opportunity, to think about veganism before and who have never had a clear message about sentient animals and their right not to be used as resources.

01-lifeSo this is a really wonderful opportunity for a lot of people, it’s a wonderful gift for them to have access to this most important message. So let’s do our best to spread this message far and wide about this campaign and this will reach other people who are not lucky enough to live in these particular cities to see these campaigns.

Thanks for listening. Till next time. Bye for now. 🙂

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