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An Emotional Response

boiling potRecently, I was asked what emotional impact the behaviour that happens on online abolitionist pages has on me. I’ve spoken in an earlier podcast episode 25 about the facts of an online attack in mid-October 2015, and don’t feel the need to revisit that. In that episode, I made an effort to keep it factual and non-emotional. But the request made recently led me to consider how I feel,  not specifically about that attack, but about some of the bad behaviour I see daily within the “community”. I ask some questions. This podcast episode is the result. It’s not a detailed setting out of facts, like the previous one. It is, instead, my emotional response to the whole issue of aggression online. I chose to do it as stream of consciousness, rather than a more structured talk.

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Abolitionist Advocates, CyberBullying, and The Abolitionist Vegan Movement

Cyberbullying part 2 VTrove
Definition:  “CyberBullying is an action of harming or harassing via information technology networks in a repeated and deliberate manner.”

Cyberbullying is new and gaining momentum. Bullying occurs in person, and the victim knows who the bully is.  Cyberbullying is done through anonymous attacks towards the victim. Cyberbullying can take place on any electronic device such as, a computer or cell phone. It can also take place on bulletin boards where the bully posts believable false messages about the victim.”

This episode 25 (as was Ep 24) is for a specific audience, so if you have not been involved in the abolitionist vegan movement, you might want to skip this one as well. Once again my apologies for the length of this podcast, but I thought if I am going to be specific about these issues and properly address them, I may as well be thorough.

This episode talks specifically about ongoing clandestine targeting campaigns and cyberbullying (and my experience of this as a target) against abolitionists by abolitionists in the abolitionist vegan movement and why it should not be supported and suggestions on what we each need to do to create a supportive and healthy future grassroots movement.

Here are the various pages and sites I have created and / or own: Faint Signals from Vega (a livestream & vlog site created mid 2017), Vegan Trove (Facebook home of my podcast) & (my podcast)

Here’s some others that I use less frequently now:

Abolitionist Vegan Resources , LiveVegan (my first abolitionist page I started in July 2009 which has been adversely affected by Facebook algorithms.), Vegans for Nonviolence ( a mostly human social justice page), and Muslim Lives Matter (a Facebook page highlighting anti-Muslim racism/ Islamophobia, ( my other podcast) and (my blog) and They are all the pages of mine. Please check them out.

Disclaimer:  Please note,  this episode is not an invitation to  vilify anyone (privately or publicly), or to engage in ad hominem attacks on anyone. Nor is it an invitation to get into any arguments. If this takes place as a result of this episode being shared anywhere, I completely reject that behaviour and I ask people to please not engage in it. Thanks for your consideration.

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