The Women’s March: Returning to Comfort or Changing the System?

Now is the time to be honest with ourselves.  Do we really want to change the trajectory, to seriously resist the system OR will we continue otherizing and blame, and go back to feeling comfortable and watch the sunset while the Titanic sinks ?

Apologies for the length, but I didn’t want to break it up. You can always stop at 45mins and have a tea break 🙂 But please listen to the whole piece. Cheers 🙂

For more information:

A very interesting Fb discussion between Debbie Lusignan (Sane Progressive) and Yahne’ Ndgo on how to move forward.

Revolt is the only  barrier to fascist America | Chris Hedges

Jill Stein, Chase Iron Eyes and Tim Canova Trace the Path Forward for Progressives

Below is the video of the audio contained within the podcast episode


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